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 Forum Updates

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PostSubject: Forum Updates   Forum Updates EmptyThu Jul 10, 2008 6:25 pm

Here are all the newest updates on the forum!!

Credit system
Mesos are the currency of credits on this forum. You may trade Credits with people and buy things on the forum in the future. If you would like to trade credits with someone Please Tell and admin and they will do it. Admins have unlimited Mesos and Mod's start out with 50. You can get credit's by many things. Like trading for requests or starting a credit shop. You can also get them for helping out. there are also limited time things too!

Rank Images
All the ranks now have images with them.

Announcements unlocked
You can now post in announcement thread.

New staff
Infected Kite is now a Mod

Beta tester
You may now fill out a form in the staff recruitment thread to be a beta tester. They will test and find bugs before the server is released. Mod's and Admins are automatically Beta Testers.

Forum Shop
If you look at the head navigation below the banner you will see we know have a Forum shop where you can but things with Mesos!


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Forum Updates
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