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 The Pros and Cons for All Four Main Jobs

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PostSubject: The Pros and Cons for All Four Main Jobs   Tue Jul 15, 2008 3:34 pm

Alrighty, for anyone that has new characters, and can't decide what next job you want to have, this is the guide for you!

-Warriors do the most damage of any class in the game.
-Warriors have the most Health (HP) of any class in the game.
-Their third job skills are very flashy, impressive, and overall cool looking.
-They are the only class which has a multi-enemy hit skill in the 1st job, namely Slash Blast.
-Attacking up close will not reduce damage, unlike other classes (swinging a Bow or a Claw)
-Does not use as much money (Arrows, Stars, HP Pots for Bandit, MP Pots for Mages)
-Most defense in the game

-Warriors have no ranged attacks until the third job advancement (Level 70).
-Warriors have the least MP points of any class in the game (except for Dragon Knights).
-The potions required to keep a Warrior alive and using skills becomes very expensive.
-Two handed weapons, spears, and polearms are all very slow compared to other job's equipment
-When you reach third job, Warriors are known to have the most amount of damage of the four jobs.
-They have the slowest walking speed in the game. (Thanks Deter.)

-Highest amount of MP.
-Ranged attacks, some of which can go through walls.
-Decent accuracy.
-May use MP to replace HP with Magic Guard.
-Second Job advancement classes have elemental attacks; Clerics have many useful party skills.
-Decent damage at Third Job advancement levels.

-Difficulty building a perfect Magician.
-Very low HP.
-Very low Weapon Defense.
-Magic Guard may consume too much MP and, therefore, may make the Magician replace HP potions with MP ones.
-MP potions cost a lot of money (e.g. 100 Blue Potions cost 20,000 mesos, 19,200 at Ellinia Department Store). This problem can be lessened once you acquire Improving MP Recovery, and later on, MP Eater.
-In Second Job advancement, low damage to monsters not belonging to a weak element.

Archer (Bowman)
-High to very high ranged damage, mainly because of Critical Shot.
-Knock-back ability that can block attacks from monsters close to you.
-Can attack from far away.
-Equipment is relatively cheap in higher levels — i.e., compared to that of other classes.
-At Second and Third Job advancements, obtaining of effective mob-controlling skills.

-Very unstable damage; this problem can be diminished by skills like Bow Mastery or Crossbow Mastery to tolerable amounts.
-High consumption of arrows, until the learning of Soul Arrow.
-Training is somewhat tedious whilst beginning and quite during First Job advancement levels.
-Fairly low damage at level 20 and further, until roughly level 40.
-Inability of jumping-shooting.
-Arrows can't be "recharged" like thiefs.
-The most reliable arrows cost the most.
-The second slowest walking speed in the game. This can be fixed by a skill called Thrust, which is why they are the second slowest. Warriors don't have the skill which is why they are the slowest of all. (Thanks Deter.)

-Very ranged attack
-High level of avoidability
-Great party characters
-Strong and incredibly fast-paced damage
-The most funded character in Maplestory, due to the skill Drain
-Has Critical Throw, a very useful skill
-Has Haste, allowing faster movement and jump of the entire party

-Assassins cannot kill mobs as easily as most other melee classes since they require range to throw stars, but this is made up for in third job with the mob skill, Avenger.
-Don't get any new attacking skills untill they become a Hermit
-Assassins don't get much stronger than first job until about Lv35 or so.

-Skill points may be applied in any manner.
-Savage Blow remains a powerful skill.
-With Meso Explosion, you can make Boss Fights rather easy.
-Assaulter is a VERY powerful skill, especially when maxed, with a damage of 450%.
-Assaulter also has a fantastic range, enabling you to use it and land on a ledge higher then you.
-You can use Meso Explosion and Pickpocket together in combination quite beautifully.
-Band of Thieves has a mobbing capability, thus making encounters with Mobs easier.
-Chakra, using your MP, can restore a certain percent of your HP.
-Meso Guard is a wonderful skill designed to protect you from a great deal of damage, and death.

-Expensive to maintain.
-Meso Explosion, especially during Boss Fights, may drain a ton of your Mesos.
-Assaulter requires a Monster in order to be used.
-Band of Thieves does not apply extra attacks unless there is more then one enemy nearby.
-Chakra can only be used if your HP is under 50% of its Max.
-Shield Mastery is by far the most useless skill, especially since you will most likely learn Meso Guard.

Well there's my really long guide. scared

~Oddworld OddWorld

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PostSubject: Re: The Pros and Cons for All Four Main Jobs   Tue Jul 15, 2008 3:40 pm

This is very nice, but a con of warriors and archers is that they have slow movement. Which is really annoying. Unless you are getting thrust at Ranger status.
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PostSubject: Re: The Pros and Cons for All Four Main Jobs   Tue Jul 15, 2008 3:41 pm

Nice Guide. Explains a Lot about the Different Classes!

Rep added




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PostSubject: Re: The Pros and Cons for All Four Main Jobs   

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The Pros and Cons for All Four Main Jobs
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